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We have the casting experience you need!

Welcome to Cocca Casting!

Cocca Casting was established to work closely with clients and talent.  We work together with clients to carefully evaluate project details and talent requirements; to cast and assist with entertainment projects. We have our extensive database to closely match the artist's specific experience and characteristics with the client's needs.


Cocca Casting has provided the entertainment community of the New York Upstate Capital Region, New York State, New York City and beyond since 2011. We are proud to work with a full range of clients throughout the entertainment community.  The professionalism and enthusiasm of our talent is truly admired and we offer services for every type of production. Whether you're a producer looking for casting needs or an actor looking for work, Cocca Casting has the experience and expertise to meet all of your needs.  

Whether your project takes you within New York State (offering great tax benefits) or another state, we are here to assist you with casting and production. 

Here are just a few amazing cities surrounding the Albany area that offer endless resources. From numerous settings, buildings, factories, and streets that mimic larger cities, classic ornate theaters, to beautiful lakes, parks, waterfronts, and forests, we have the locations you need along with casting and production.


  • Search talent through extensive database and several sources

  • Upon client approval, post project and audition details to public

  •  Provide talent options through photo, resume presentation, auditions, etc.

  • Correspondence with talent and client before, during and after completion of project

  • ​Scout and produce location choices

  • ​Production assistance

  • Presence on-set when possible to assist with any client or talent needs


  • Direct liaison between talent and client

  • Connect talent with appropriate project casting provided by client 

  • Provide talent with new project details 

  • ​Correspond before, during and after completion of projects​

  • Provide scheduling of all relative appointments

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