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Title:  "I LOVE NY" (Three Tourism Shoots)   http://www.macguffin.com/reel/nystatetourism

Client: Gary McKendry, Director; David Feikens, Producer, MacGuffin Films, New York City http://www.macguffin.com/

Service:  Extras Talent

Title: "Halloween Commercial" - Part of Luxurious Animals Website "Silence of the Shadows/3D Audio Experience" 

Client: Robert Bengraff, President/CEO, Luxurious Animals  http://luxuriousanimals.com/

Service: Featured Extra and Voice Over Talent

Title: "Blue Rock Energy"   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=86QIbpL-NYU

Client: John Holser, Producer/Director, Digital Film Farm http://digitalfilmfarmworkshops.com/
Service: Principals and Extras Talent

Title:  "Zoom Flume"  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ibDYdWoyW-E 

Client:  Barbara Fowler, President/Executive Producer, Diamond Studios http://diamondstudios.co/recent.php
Service: Featured Extras Talent

"As the Executive Producer of a production company, I had the pleasure of working with Carolyn on a project that had an extremely tight deadline and budget. Even though we had never met or talked previously, it was like she had known me for years and truly cared about our project. Though we were many miles apart, Carolyn was thorough, met our deadline, and exceeded every request. She pulled talent together that was perfect for the job at hand. Our client was very pleased with the outcome of the TV spots and she made my job much easier. I would highly recommend Cocca Casting for any project. You can be assured that with Carolyn on your team, it will be great fun and stress-free!"   Barbara Fowler, President/Exec Producer, Diamond Studios, Birmingham, AL

Title: "Walmart Price Comparison"
Client:  Walmart/Hamilton Casting
Service: Cast Host

"Carolyn's professionalism is bar none!  From the moment we spoke, I felt like I'd known her forever.  We clicked instantly and her personal service truly exceeded my expectations. She has a tremendous attention to detail, follow through and tenacity. I can't wait to work with her on another project, and would highly recommend her for any of your casting/talent needs!"  ~ Ashley Poole, Hamilton Casting, Denver, CO

Title:  "The Fireball Run" (Event)

Coordinator:  Don Rittner, Commissioner at NY Capital District Film 

Cocca Casting, Sponsor and Volunteer

"I have had the pleasure of working with Carolyn Cocca for the last three years on a number of movie productions and recommend her highly for her level of professionalism, but more importantly, for her dedication to her clients.  Carolyn works very hard to find the best talent for a project and takes a personal interest in each of her clients to insure total satisfaction on all fronts. She will do whatever it takes to make a project succeed and is truly dedicated to that end." ~ Don Rittner, Author, Producer, Film Commissioner 

Title:  "Grand Legacy"

Client: Rick Demarest, Jr., Production Coordinator, Visual Planet

Casting: Principals Casting